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9BR Launches Cultural Heritage Desk

This month, 9BR Chambers launches its Cultural Heritage Desk. The international criminal law experience at 9BR Chambers has led to our expansion into this important area of work for our state clients, individuals and institutions.

Gillian Higgins, Head of the International Practice Group, leads the team with John Traversi, senior international barrister with wide experience of prosecuting serious crime, Stephen Martin, senior UK law enforcement investigator experienced in international serious organised crime and Dr Jessica Lepehne, senior conflict and policy advisor with experience investigating financial fraud and asset recovery.

The Cultural Heritage Desk will cooperate with experts and its extensive global network to facilitate the resolution of disputes including those relating to provenance and repa

triation of cultural property, stolen and missing works of art and title disputes on behalf of private individuals, states and museums.

To contact the Cultural Heritage Desk, please email

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